Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) is Daimler’s largest R&D facility outside Germany. R&D focuses on design & development, simulation, automotive electrical & electronics, Inte­riors & exteriors development and value engineering. The IT stream has specialties such as IT infrastructure, IT Engineering – application development, customization, maintenance, testing & information security services and SAP operations.

At MBRDI, we carry out our activities with due recognition of associated health and safety risks, and environmental impacts. We are committed to continually improve our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance by:

1. Providing a safe workplace

Implementing prevention and mitigation strategies to eliminate hazards and reduce risks leading to ill health and injuries, ensuring a safe and healthy workplace

2. Protecting the Environment

Prevention of pollution by optimizing use of energy and natural resources, waste minimization and product innovation

3. Legal Compliance

Complying with all applicable EHS regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe

4. Employee Awareness

Involving employees through consultation and participation, and enhancing awareness amongst our employees and associates towards environment-friendly and safe work practices

5. Integrating Sustainability

Systematically integrating principles of sustainability into the planning and decision-making processes at all levels

For any queries on EHS, please write to – mbrdi_ehs@daimler.com

This policy shall be reviewed on a regular basis for its continued suitability and effectiveness.

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